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What We Do

Training &

The IOWA Project works with Jewish social justice leaders to help them develop Jewish spiritual practices and connect to Jewish spiritual wisdom.

We train and support Jewish social justice and communal leaders to teach their constituents using the Inside-Out methodology. These leaders use our curriculum to lead study groups that equip their teams with tools to turn to in their everyday work.

Folks can get involved in our IOWA Project groups by attending a Train the Trainers session, or by joining an existing group.

Access Points
to Jewish Spiritual Wisdom

We adapt ancient Jewish spiritual wisdom such as Mussar and Chassidut to make this wisdom accessible to Jewish justice leaders.


Core to our mission is the desire to share teachings, texts, and resources through our website and newsletter. We see these resources as gifts that should be accessible to all. 

Convening &

The IOWA Project is a convening space both online and in person. We support Jewish leaders trying to integrate their spiritual lives with their justice lives.


We organize an 18-month cohort of senior Jewish justice leaders to develop and integrate deep spiritual practices into their work and lives, and convene alumni of our programs who continue to share resources, stories, and experiences as they bring their learning out into the world. 

Let's Build This Together

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