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This page shares frequently asked questions around our anti-racism curriculum, Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out. 

If you have additional questions, reach out to Dan at

How long is the Program?

There are 3 primary course options for hosting Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out (DRIO): engaging in the learning/practice on a bi-weekly basis for 5 months with periodic group practice sessions; engaging in the learning/practice on a monthly basis for 10 months with mid-month group practice sessions; offering the material as one-off programs to pique interest and introduce the integration of spiritual anti-racist practice. 

How many people should be in my community’s program?

Groups of 10-25 individuals are best for this program. You’re welcome to host as many groups as you’d like, and as your facilitators are able to teach. 

Is this program for multiracial / all Black / all White / JOC spaces?

Yes, for all of the above! You know what type of group makes the most sense for your community. We would be excited to discuss this with you and offer advice based on what we learned during our pilot program.

Who will facilitate the program at my organization or institution?

It’s best practice to have 2 facilitators hold the container: one that is an anti-racism trainer and the other a Mussar practitioner. If your group is multi-racial, then you should have a multi-racial group of facilitators.


Facilitators will participate in a training prior in the fall, prior to the start of your program. We have an extensive network of trainers who have experience in both anti-oppression pedagogy and mussar, and can match your institution with a facilitator. Please be in touch so we can best understand your facilitation needs. 

What is the commitment of the facilitator training, T4T?

This training for DRIO facilitators will include ten 2.5 hour sessions and will run from October-December.

How much will this cost?

Cost will depend on your community and facilitation needs based on the below options. We recommend each course is held by two DRIO trainers: one that has experience as an anti-racism trainer and the other as a Mussar practitioner. Offerings and costs: 

  • $1000-$1500 for unlimited access to the curriculum (required). This is a one-time fee; you can continue hosting the program as often as you’d like at no additional fee. 

  • $500-$1000 to train up to 2 leaders from your community to participate in the fall 2022 facilitators training. IOWA will match you with a facilitator if there are no leaders in your community able to be trained.  

  • $2500-$3000 per facilitator for the program, if matched with an IOWA facilitator. If your facilitator(s) are from your community, their compensation can be determined on your end. Compensation is the same for both 5/10 month options. 

  • $2500-$3500 for up to 6 consulting sessions (optional) to the community to help integrate Jewish spiritual technologies from the DRIO course into your community. These sessions can include 1:1 coaching as well as larger community meetings.


You’re welcome to charge for this program to help offset costs, and we recommend offering it at a sliding scale to keep this accessible. If needed, the IOWA Project can help subsidize facilitator costs by one-third of their stipend. Please let us know if this is needed.

When can my community start this program?

You can start this program once your facilitator(s) have completed the training. The training will take place in the fall. 

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