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Join or Start a Study Group

Are you looking for a set of tools and practices to  center your social justice work? Are you hoping to learn in community with others who value grounding and sustainability?

We love to support IOWA Project groups on campuses, in congregations, through social justice organizations, and in communities. With the experience of our trained leaders, as well as through workshops and trainings, we can help your community establish a study group using the Inside Out Wisdom and Action curriculum.

These groups, or va'ads, use Jewish spiritual wisdom to provide tools and grounding for those engaged in social justice work. Together you will move through texts and practices that you can take with you into your work.


Below are some of the organizations and groups we have supported so far.

 Before this class, my engagement with social justice, my philosophical reflections on my personal life, and my cultural appreciation for my Judaism were three separate facets of my identity. I have been able to see how they can each support one another so that I am more involved and more present in all dimensions at the same time... I have gained an awareness of the interconnection between the questions that shape my life and an understanding of the broader network of human experience into which they fit. 

--Olivia, Brown/RISD Hillel


Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

Brown/RISD Hillel
Harvard Hillel
JOIN for Justice Alumni
Vassar College

Vassar College Hillel

Williams College Jewish Association

Williams College Jewish Association

SUNY Binghamton Hillel
Temple Israel of Boston
No events at the moment
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