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Spotlight: Rachie Lewis

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This blog is intended to feature community members and leaders doing great work with the concepts from Changing the World from the Inside Out. If you missed our first spotlights, on Liz Aeschlimann and Sophie Schoenberg, check them out here and here

This entry features Rachie Lewis. Rachie is an organizer at the Jewish Community Relations Council and a a JOIN Alumna. She was part of our inaugural  Training for Trainers, an is leading an IOWA Project Group at JCRC centering on the immigrant accompany work she and her colleagues are part of via BIJAN (pronounced “beyond). She spoke with us about this work for about half an hour. You can listen to the entire recording here, broken into four parts. Also, at the end of the conversation Rachie mentions School of Honk. You can find out what that is here.

Update in 2020: This interview was done while Rachie was a member of the IOWA facilitators cohort. Rachie is currently a member of the inaugural iteration of the Ovdim Cohort.

I think we've all needed more spiritual nourishment to get us through..." --Rachie


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