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Hire Kirva for Consulting, Speaking Engagements, Scholar in Residencies, and more. 

Host Rabbi David Jaffe, founder of Kirva, and/or Yehudah Webster, Faculty and spiritual activist, to expose your community to the integration of concrete Jewish spiritual practices that will motivate and sustain action for social justice and communal transformation. Starting from 1-hour speaker engagements to weekend-long scholar-in-residences, the IOWA team offers a range of topics at the intersection of spiritual practice and social justice that can give new life and meaning to your community leaders, students, graduates and community members in need of spiritual nourishment and connection. Rabbi David Jaffe and Yehudah Webster have presented in a variety settings including: panel discussions, conferences, keynotes for graduations, and interfaith programs.

Bring Us to Your Community

I'm interested in:

Content Areas

We offer the following programs on the following topics and are also available to design any program that meets your needs for spiritual integration: 

  • An Introduction to Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out

  • Connecting to and Cultivating Ratzon: Deep Motivation of the Soul

  • An Introduction to Mussar as a Spiritual Practice of Resilience and Sustenance for Social Justice

  • Centering Torah and HaShem in Justice

  • Spiritual Sustenance and Practice for Your Campaign/Justice Efforts: we’ll work with you in designing the materials and practices that will best meet your campaign/justice needs

This service starts at $400 for one-hour programs, and $5,000 for weekend-long scholar-in-residencies. Pricing is subject to the operating budget of the institution, and can be available at a sliding scale.

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