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Thank you for donating to The IOWA Project 5783 fundraiser!

Your gift makes our work possible. We're grateful to be building this community alongside you. 

High Holiday Workshop

Teshuvah Workshop for 5783

Join us on September 19th & 29th, 7 - 9pm ET / 4 - 6pm PT

Emerge from the workshop with inspiration for the High Holy Days, a spiritual action plan for the year, and spiritual technologies for living a holy life. The workshop draws on wisdom from the Mussar and Chassidic traditions within Judaism and helps participants articulate their path and plan for spiritual development throughout the year.

Community of Practice

Throughout our fundraising campaign, we'll be sharing spiritual practices from our new program, Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out. Check back here each day of our fundraising week to learn a new practice! 


Anavah Antiracism Avodah

By Yehudah Webster

Taking space and ceding space as a spiritual practice.


Keep Your Goodness Flowing

By Riki Robinson

A Forbearance Exercise to Build/Strengthen Antiracist Muscle

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 4.27.00 PM.png

Shofar Spiritual Practice 

By Rabbi David Jaffe

This practice and inspiration for the High Holidays comes from a teaching from Rabbi Herzl Hefter.


Cheshbon Hanefesh

By Rabbi Robin Podolsky

Cheshbon hanefesh / journaling exercise focused on our Balance of Care framework. 


Balance of Care Practice

By Rabbi Michael Ramberg

Move from a hierarchy of care to a balance of care with a spiritual practice inspired by Valarie Kaur's Revolutionary Love Project.

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