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The growing world of spirituality and social change

The IOWA Project is part of a larger ecosystem made up of organizations and people of many faiths who are all interested in exploring and building on the intersections between spiritual practice and social change.

In the Jewish community these include Reconstructing Judaism and their Reset Project and their Hashivenu podcastTaproot and others.

In the broader landscape these include Father Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation, the Movement Strategy Center,  the Faith Matters Network and many more. It is an exciting time to be a person who seeks this integration.

While the IOWA project’s niche is to make Jewish spiritual wisdom accessible to people who care about social change, I’ve gained a lot from learning from colleagues and teachers who draw on other wells of spiritual wisdom like adrienne maree brown’s work with biomimicry in Emergent Strategy

To that end I wanted to make you aware of a webinar series running this summer and titled Oppression, Privilege and Spiritual Practice.  My colleague and friend Claudia Horowitz will be one of the teachers and brought the series to my attention.

Enjoy taking a look at the variety of efforts listed above.

Have a great beginning of the summer.

Warm regards, David


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