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Bitachon / Trust Practice

Instructions: This guided meditation can be experienced alone, in a group or with a partner. If with a partner, take turns reading the prompts to each other. In all formats leave 15-20 seconds for reflection after reading each prompt. Give a few moments of quiet contemplation and/or note taking after completing the full meditation.


Notice your body in the seat and your feet on the ground.

Let's take nice relaxed in breaths and out breaths.

This is a meditation that is about the trait, the middah of bitachon, or trust.

Call to mind, something that you may be feeling fear about, or a challenge you're facing in this time of national elections, of upheaval in our country. What's something that feels challenging or scary to you right now? And try to notice that, and let yourself notice and feel that.

In this meditation, we're going to notice that you're not facing that challenge alone, and this challenge doesn't exist in a vacuum all by itself, but in a much bigger context. So I want you to call to mind one or two people, real people in your life, that you know are with you, that you know you can count on. These can be friends, family members, anywhere. Bring them into your mind. Who do you know is really with you?


Guided Meditation Prompts:

Settle into your body and take three deep, relaxed in-breaths and out breaths.

Think of a challenge in your political/or justice work that you fear and about which you are not sure you will succeed. Get a clear picture of what you fear.

Think of one or two people that you know are really with you. These are people you can count on to back you. If you can’t think of anyone, who is closest?

Imagine these people standing next to you with their hands on your back.

Imagine ancestors that are with you and in whom you can trust. These can be biological ancestors, movement ancestors, Jewish ancestors, living or dead.

Imagine these ancestors joining your support team, cheering you on with their hands on your back.

Imagine that God or spirit is with you and infusing you with light and love and support.

Return and face the challenge you fear knowing that you have this team of people, ancestors and God/spirit supporting you, close and reliable.

How does the challenge look different now?

Embrace the fear…..hold it lightly in this much bigger context of support…… and let it go

Turn to your support team and express your gratitude.

Take three deep, relaxed in breaths and out breaths and when you are ready, open your eyes.


*This meditation is loosely based on the teaching of Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe (d. 2005, Israel) in Aley Shur vol.2, p. 576


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